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The Husby Ring, Sweden's first eco-museum

The Husby Ring is a nature and culture trail running for sixty kilometers through Husby Parish in southern Dalarna.

It starts in the undulating open farming land in the south and then continues north, through dense forests and over moutains. The Husby Ring can claim to be Sweden´s first eco-museum, which means that the landscape itself is the museum, with the sky for ceiling and the ground for the floor. Here the visitor meets past and present, culture and nature, a piece of everday life combined with views for miles. The basic idea is human interaction with nature, viewed in historical perspecitve.

There are several possibilities for cykling, hiking, fishing and canoe rental around the area etc.

For more information: Download the app Visit Dalarna-Travel Guide. 

Discover the Husby Ring

On meandering dirt roads, sometimes dating back to the Middle Ages, you follow the Husby Ring through beautiful undulating agricultural land in the south. Carry on towards the hazy mountains and deep forests in the north. This is a miniature Dalarna!


Early in the Middle Ages an administrative centre was established at Husby, which was governed from the two royal manors Husby and Näs. Iron was manufactured here as far back as the Viking Age, and there were several successful ironworks in the Parish.

Travel at your own speed. You can embark on exciting rambles in huge forests, or explore the traces of long-vanished entrerprise. Enjoy the silence and the tranquillity of the deserted ironwoks of Silfhytteå, or visit Stjärnsund, perhaps the best-preserved eighteenth-century ironworks in Dalarna.

When travelling along the Husby Ring, the journey is a destination in itself. You move through time and place, in a varied cultural landscape shaped by many generations of hard work. The Husby Ring was established in 1970 as Sweden´s first eco-museum. It is open from 1 May to 30 September, comprising twenty-five or so well-signposted sights.

Find us and contacts

Stiftelsen Husbyringen, visitor adress: Bruksallén 27, 776 74 Stjärnsund.
Phone: 0225- 801 31.

By car from Hedemora

Drive road 270 from Hedemora towards Långshyttan. Look for sign “Husbyringen”. Take the turn-off to Husby on the left side towards Husby/Smedby.

By car from Falun

Drive road 80 towards Gävle. Turn right and connect to road 270 towars Ängelsfors and Långshyttan. Look for sign “Husbyringen” towards Silfhytteå.

By train

SJ Hedemora railway station, phone: +46 (0)771-75 75 75

By Bus

The bus company Dalatrafik serves Hedemora municipality.
Customer service at Dalatrafik, phone +46 (0)771-95 95 95.

Bus tickets are available at Telekiosken, Åsgatan 57 in Hedemora. Phone: +46(0)225-107 00.

By air

Dala Airport is the closest Airport to Hedemora, seven kilometers from central Borlänge. When heading for the Husby Ring, you take off from road 70.

Visitor center

Besökscenter Stjärnsund

The office in Visitor center, ( Besökscentrum) is open from 1 pm to 4 pm:

4th april to 30th May on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
30th June – 5th August on Monday, Wednesdag, Friday and Saturday.


In the old store, beautifully situated at Lake Grycken in Stjärnsund, you find Husbyringens new visitors’ center. During 2011 and 2012 the exterior of the building has been restored in order to look the way the store looked like during the 1920:s. The interior is reverential and the atmosphere resembles the one in an old store. The work done here is all modern, though. In the visitors’ center you find Husbyringen’s information room.

Here you find everything you might want to know about the tourist attractions and activities around Husbyringen. You can also buy books and magazines here.

The restoration has been conducted by Byggkompaniet AB with great craftsmanship where the old material and techniques have been taken into account, with antiquarian supervision. The project has been financed by “Landsbygdsprogrammet, Länsstyrelsen Dalarna” and “Intresseföreningen Bergslaget”  in cooperation with the Polhem foundation and the Husbyringen foundation

Infopoint – Visit Dalarna

During this summer is it possible to have other information from Visit Dalarna in the Visitor center.


Stay and eat

During your trip around Husbyringen you can eat and stay overnight at following places:

  • Långshyttans brukshotell.
  • Hostel Fridhem, Stiftelsen Stjärnsund. 
  • Stjärnsundskiosken.
  • The Manison café.  Great Mansion, Stjärnsund. Phone: 073-687 87 19
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